What Are You Eating


What’s Ireland Eating?

What are we eating? How is it made? What is it doing to us? Who is profiting most from its sale?

The first documentary in the series was broadcast in May 2011 on RTE1 but you can watch it Part 1 and Part 2 here again.

What’s Ireland Eating 2

We explored the link between obesity and cancer in the second programme. As well as how the food industry cunningly exploits our greatest psychological weaknesses.

Part 1

Part 2

Buyer Beware

An episode from series 2 looking at motor industry scams.


I got properly punked by my producers who faked a bag snatch to see would I be able to describe the mugger. They didn’t expect my slightly ridiculous have-a-go-hero response.

10 responses to “Television

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  8. Dario Informative


    I would like to highlight something what bothers me, and I believe it would bother 95% population if they would be aware.

    I presume, that you don’t know, that 90% of Chicken (precooked, cooked) consumed in Ireland is Halal.

    If you don’t know, what halal is please see definition below:

    HALAL Slaughter – (of an animal or its meat) slaughtered or prepared in the manner prescribed by Islamic law.

    90% of take Away, hot deli counters, pizza chains, cafes, garage stations, canteens, hotels etc serves coated chicken prepared/produced in Asia (Thailand, China), Southern America (Brazil) – all imported food is HALAL.

    50% of butchers in Ireland ( butchers which have frozen pre packed food )offers imported HALAL products.

    Halal sign/symbol is pre-printed on every bag/box. I do believe, people don’t read labels, don’t understand what HALAL is.

    Big percentage of fresh raw chicken is HALAL as well. Restaurants purchasing HALAL raw material and preparing meals using meat prepared for ethnic market.

    Should be our right to know, if we eat HALAL or not?

    Should it be very clear sign stating, that we serves here HALAL food?

    Its nothing wrong with HALAL food if somebody don’t mind ritual Islamic law slaughter, but I believe it should be very clearly stated in menus, windows, websites etc – WE SERVE HALAL FOOD HERE.

    Would you agree?

    At the moment vast amount of chicken is being sold under radar.

    If you want to check, if I’m right, please go visit:

    Your Local Take Away’s ( ask them to show you bag from where chicken you ordered is coming from) there should be origin and HALAL sign stamped

    Your Local Hot Deli Counter (do same as above)

    Your Local Garage station – do same as above

    Your local Pizza chain – do same as above

    Your local canteen – do same as above

    What I can guarantee is, if you will visit 10 places 9 of them will be serving HALAL food ( Goujons (Breaded, Battered, Hot and Spicy), Breaded Breast, Hot and Spicy Breast, Southern Fry Breast, Bites etc).

    Ask customers, if they know, that they are consuming chicken slaughter with Islamic law (many people believe, that animals suffer much more when slaughtered HALAL).

    Do you think public deserves to know, if they are consuming HALAL Food?

    What went wrong, that non Islamic country is eating HALAL Chicken?

    Pass this message to your friends.

    Say about this on FB, Tweeter…

    If you have any questions, please come back to me. Best to contact me is via email.

    Kind Regards


  9. Cathy Mac Neill

    Hi I was just about to write an email very similar to the one above by Dario!
    and I’m glad that Dario wrote a much better informed one.
    Personally, I am much more concerned re HALAL BEEF AND LAMB creeping in all over the place (I don’t eat much chicken outside my home as I’ve been buying only free-range for about 20 years).
    I only started looking into Halal recently ( I was told the best Indian restaurant in Ireland was “Ripple” and when I googled the menu, in extremely small print I saw it was all Halal meat and it put me off it). So I did some online research and am horrified re the extent of Halal meat in Ireland (though a lot more information is available re the UK).
    I would love you to highlight it Phillip as I think it could stop it before it becomes inevitably unstoppable. I really admire you as a journalist – I think you are one of the best in Ireland at the moment. – And “What are you Eating” is a great series!
    I have made a list of links to web pages, that might be of interest. . .
    Wishing you all the best

  10. Paul

    Hi Philip,
    Love your program about what are you eating.

    Would you consider doing a program on WHAT ARE YOU BREATHING.

    We have some of the highest levels of air pollution comparable to some cities in China and this is in a country that has a manufacturing base not worth talking about.

    From back yard burning (domestic and commercial) to the new form of steel barrel backyard burning which is burning rubbish in a stove.

    Besides the obvious fuel products like coal and timber which produce serious pollutants, plastic milk cartons, wrappers, sweet papers and foam tray packaging when burned is surely producing cancerous material and also causing respiratory problems for the unsuspecting public.

    Research into cost of everyone having to have a bin collection service or a shared service with someone else might surely be more cost effective than having our doctors and hospitals waiting rooms full during the winter months of people with respiratory problems plus would also cut down on council costs in picking up dumped rubbish.

    People have a choice in what food they put into their bodies but we don’t have a choice in what we are breathing.


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