12/10/2017 The connection between Dutch airport urinals and the Nobel economics prize

11/10/2017 What on earth do we spend the €15.3bn health budget on?

05/10/2017 When is it morally or legally right to secede and create a new country

04/10/2017 Theresa May’s car crash speech to the Tory Party conference

07/09/2017 Michel Barnier crushes Brexiteer hopes

23/08/2017 Fact checking Michael Ring’s claims of success for rural development

26/07/2017 Ian Bailey allowed to re-run parts of his case against the state




One response to “Radio

  1. Hi Philip
    I just wanted to say your piece on RTE Radio 1 Drivetime to night (Thursday 18th. August 2016) on Kevin James Mallon was superb. It is interesting how RTE TV Six One is almost ignoring the issue. I also found it amusing when asked for comment
    about its president the IOC said they had no comment as he was in Hospital. (Is he in a coma?)

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