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Moneylenders: Ireland is one of the few countries where 287% APR is legal

The Troika departs: An assessment of three years of being governed by Klaus, Bill and Istvan

Dublin’s water is too clean: The improbable reason for current shortages.

More NSA bugging revelations: If you can’t spy on your friends and allies who can you spy on?

Taking children into care: What powers does a member of the Gardaí have?

Lainey & Chloe’s story: More abused children failed by the HSE

13 missed opportunities to save Savita Hallapanavar’s life. HIQA report on her death

Locked up children: Why were children locked inside a high dependence unit with an unhappy history of arson.

Emma’s Story: Another abused child failed by the HSE.

US Government Shutdown: Who is going to blink first?

Maggie’s Story: The Children’s Ombudsman highlights state neglect

Maggie’s Story: The Minister for Children responds

IPCC Report on Climate Change: What if any political change will follow now?

NAMA progress report: A quarter of the way through its life has it got 25% of the job done?

Angela Merkel Victorious: What difference will this make to Ireland’s legacy debts?

Budget 2013: What’s the difference between €2.8 and €3.1bn of cuts

One response to “Radio

  1. Hi Philip
    I just wanted to say your piece on RTE Radio 1 Drivetime to night (Thursday 18th. August 2016) on Kevin James Mallon was superb. It is interesting how RTE TV Six One is almost ignoring the issue. I also found it amusing when asked for comment
    about its president the IOC said they had no comment as he was in Hospital. (Is he in a coma?)

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