Advertising ban on food – “science not flawed”.

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The food industry’s dismissal of the new code on advertising food to kids as based on “flawed science” got a lot of play during yesterday’s news cycle. Paul Kelly from Food and Drinks Industry Ireland (an arm of IBEC) said the nutrient profiling system that this country had adopted wholesale from the UK was “out of date”.

Nutrient profile scoring. "Flawed Science" says the Irish Food Industry

Nutrient profile scoring. “Flawed Science” says the Irish Food Industry

One wonders do McDonalds and Pepsico who use the same system know that its out of date? On Drivetime we turned to food policy expert, Martin Carraher, from City University London to see if the nutrient profiling system we have borrowed has had a positive impact on childhood obesity over there. “Too soon to say” is the scrupulously honest answer, but there is no doubt in Martin’s mind that kids are buying less High Sugar / High Fat / High Salt junk food as a consequence.


Have a listen to Dr Carraher here or go the RTE Player where there’s still two days left to watch a documentary which exposes the clever little tricks the food industry plays to keep us guzzling the same foods subject to this advertising ban. I am of course talking about the excellent “What’s Ireland Eating” presented by the peerless … oh what’s his name … good looking bloke … slipped my memory, anyway watch here

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