Top #whatsirelandeating tweets

Thank you all for running with the idea of a national food diary on Twitter. It worked a treat. These are some of the standout tweets. If you  missed the programme it’s up on the RTÉ Player for the next month.

Sympathy to …

@theolynn – less than I want and more than my wife would like

An awful lot of them in this vein …

@psychusup – Tae and paracetamol

Don’t know what this is, but I want some now ….

@sadlier86 – What else of a Sunday night


Good point, unhealthy food is proven to be cheaper….

@CarolGertrude – Koka noodles because there is a FECKIN RECESSION

This is suffering for your Fast Food ….

@EamonnKeating –  frozen oven chips straight from the bag, cut out the middle man

Neil hit on what many of the tweets had in common …

@neilhypolite1 going through tweets sound like a celebrity chef on a cooking shows menu

The always classy Annie West tore herself away from KitKats for a moment

@anniewestdotcom – How about two packets of Haribo and a slab of Dutch Gold

Food cooked on TV stays on TV …..

@TheJenniferKelly – taytos, jellies, red lemonade. Watching Masterchef Australia

Fair play to you Chloe, girl …

@brophychloe – Hang samitches with Football Special

Euurggh …

@Chloe_Music – chocolate, pink bon bons and club orange 🙂

There’s some old Trot trying to get in on the act …

@JohnMoynes – Ireland is the old sow that eats her own farrow

Aaawww …

@medwardsmurphy – The poor sick boy can only make an effort at choc chip icecream. #chickenpox


But did we?
@martynrosney – Humble pie #weallpartied
Again … Euuurgh …
@Chazza_Styles – Deli Rolls and Wagon Wheels! 😛
Pay attention, here’s the scientitionific dietionistic type …
@rachelrmk – jam & cream sponge cake. All major food groups. Protein (cream) fibre (FRUIT jam) fat (the rest) Nom
Pity the parent who let this happen …
@JeremyTaxman – An entire tin of chocolate biscuits. They stole them while unsupervised this morning and now they’re wired.
Not all food problems are diet related …
@babaduck71 – nothing yet because this fluffy beast won’t budge… Will go out for lunch instead
And the winner
@The_GreenBean – a stick of butter dipped in chocolate ..

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One response to “Top #whatsirelandeating tweets

  1. Cian McDermott

    Hi Richard,
    As a doctor & with a keen interest in exercise, nutrition & fitness, I am watching your program tonight with curiosity. In daily practice, I see many obese adults & children. It is a sorry sight and inherently dangerous for the future. In Ireland, like alcohol intake, there is a complete ignorance of nutrition and food balance. We really need to amend our dietary intake towards the French one, albeit avoiding smoking!

    Therefore, I thought you might be interested in this documentary by Dr Mike Mosely that I saw recently. It gives a hint as to how this obesity epidemic might be combatted quite easily and effectively if people are willing. See what you think & I would appreciate feedback:

    Dr Cian McDermott

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