What’s Ireland Eating

What’s Ireland Eating – Sneak Preview

What’s Ireland Eating (and why can’t we just stop eating it) is on at 9.30pm on Sunday 7th October on RTÉ 1. This is the briefest of hints of what to expect. I’ll post an entire scene tomorrow that hasn’t made it to the final cut because of time considerations.

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October 3, 2012 · 9:07 pm

One response to “What’s Ireland Eating

  1. Aoibhlinn Gallagher

    I only happened on the end of this programme, as you were talking re the effects of maternal diet on the foetus immediately followed by the section on diet of young children. In these sections, there was no mention of breastfeeding young children and the benefits of it towards a child’s dietary health. It was as if there is no way other than formula to feed a 6 month baby, and omitting to discuss breastfeeding only served to support this widely held misconception in my opinion. Apologies if it was covered in another section of the programme, hopefully I will see the full episode on player later in the week.

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